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I am WAY behind on my Blog Tour involvement. This is definitely the most behind.

My writer friend Sonya Craig tagged me to do the Work in Progress Blog Tour. I recently mentioned Sonya in my Thanking My Team post. I have a number of other posts about my writing process and the like.

The Rules: Link back to the person who nominated you. Share a little bit about your WIP then the first sentence from the first three chapters. Nominate four writers to do the same.

My revised rules: Link back to the person who nominated you. Share a little bit about your WIP then the first sentence from the first three chapters and some scene concepts. Nominate four writers to do the same.

The title for my next novel is All the King’s Men, it’s book 3 in The Yellow Hoods series.

Note padWhy that title?

Part of The Yellow Hoods is about incorporating elements of classical rhymes and fairy-tales but from the perspective of being real. This was inspired by the rhyme “Ring around the Rosy” which was about the black plague. Therefore, I always ask the question what elements can I incorporate into my tale that relate, that could have been simplified and boiled down to the simple tales or rhymes we know.

All the King’s Men is a definite nod to Humpty Dumpty, but breaking that down, it’s really about things that cannot be brought back together. That means kingdoms, grand plans as well as people.

I’m also using the idea from the perspective that the King’s Men would be the people that a king trusted most strongly.

Core concept

All the King’s Men is book three of The Yellow Hoods, which is intended to be a five part series. The second book, Breadcrumb Trail, left the reader wondering about several things which are immediately followed up on in book 3.

At its core, book 3 really is about laying the groundwork for where the series is going, and about providing richer context for the ground the reader has already covered. It’s primary aim is not to be a transitional book (i.e. setting up books 4 and 5) but rather to feel like a solid follow-through of book 2.


BookI’m writing this book in a different way than I’ve written before, so therefore I can’t provide quotes for the first couple of chapters, as I’m moving things about quite fluidly and only have 1/3 of the book fully written at this point. I can share a few hints of what’s to come without spoiling anything:

1. Simon St. Malo plays a greater role in the story

2. The Red Hoods go through some change

3. Elly gets more opportunity to development

4. The relationship between Nikolas and Marcus is clarified

5. Hotaru means something.

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