Interview of author Lisa Dawn

I meet some amazing people on Twitter, and one of those people is fellow young adult author, Lisa Dawn. My daughter loved her book, A Tale of Two Witches, and gave me that certain nod that said there was definitely something there well worth sharing. Here’s my interview with Lisa.

MeWhat’s the essence of your first book “Tale of 2 Witches”

A tale of two witches is about a young witch named Lexi Reed who was told all of her life that she was the most powerful witch and the one chosen to destroy the evil vampwitch Leticia. Lexi is learning more about herself as well as how to use and control her new powers. Lexi finds herself facing her own fears in order to rescue her perfect match, Kevin, from the nasty clutches of Leticia.

What inspired you to write the book?
My daughter inspired me.  She asked me one day why I didn’t write anymore and if I would write something she could read.  I really enjoyed writing this story and I am so glad she encouraged me to do so.

Where are you hoping to take the series?

I would like to  get to a point where Lexi and Kevin live a normal life and branch out this series with a story written about Leticia the evil vampwitch and how she became what she is, as well as Tessa and Drake and how they became the fairies of the underworld.

What were the 3 key lessons you’ve learned about writing a book?A tale of two witches smashwords

I have learned many lessons but the 3 that are the most important are editing, having beta readers, and critique partners.    These to me are the most important things before you publish your book.

What type of books do you enjoy today?
I enjoy reading anything that’s  paranormal, romance, horror or steam punk.  Recently I have read Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory,  Friends with partial benefits by Luke Young, and Along came a Wolf by Adam Dreece.  I am currently reading The Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice.

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