Reviewed by D.Emery Bunn

I met D.Emery Bunn on Twitter. He has a quick wit and sharp point of view. His opinions are his own, and at first, I wasn’t sure if we were going to get along despite having several Twitter friends in common. The more that I interacted with him and read what he wrote, the more I came to respect what he had to say, and came to like him as a person. He stands with a small number of people that I know will call a spade a spade, no matter what. If you ask them the question, you better be prepared for the answer they’ll give.

When he announced, in the middle of a Twitter conversation I was having with someone else, that he had bought Along Came a Wolf (Kindle edition), I was surprised and worried, honestly. I knew that he was going to give a truly honest review, and it was clear from comments that he’d made about other books and authors, that he wouldn’t be trying to make any friends with those reviews, integrity above all else.

He just posted the review here. In summary? Well, go have a look. He really digs into the book.

Note: Book 2 – Breadcrumb Trail comes out in September!

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