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I wrote this really short story back around 1994. I had run a game of Vampire the Masquerade, and the little sister character I had made part of the story for one of my players really stuck out, and I felt she had this to ‘say.’  This is it, with its original warts and all.

I hate to say this, but since there are people who will claim things as their own unless I do, please note:

This story may be linked to, Tweeted and referenced on Facebook, etc. but not be re-posted in whole or part on another site or in another medium without the explicit, written approval of Adam Dreece. Copyright 1992-2014 Adam Dreece, All Rights Reserved. You can email me if you want to do anything else with this.

And now for your enjoyment, Hello My Diary – Alex by Adam Dreece circa 1994.

Hello Diary, my name is Alex and I … hmm… I want to talk to you.  I know that you can’t talk, but that’s okay, neither can Matilda or Wally.  Oh, you don’t know them.  They’re my paraket and teddy bear.  Oh, and Matilda is a stuffed animal, she’s not a real paraket.  I always have trouble saying that world, pa-ra-keett.  I spelled it out incase you wanted to know how I say it. I’m going to pretend that you’re a friend of mine, and you live far away and that I’m going to send you this!

Well, my life is strange.  My mommy and daddy didn’t want me, they left me with the other orphans at Orphange St-Luc.  I didn’t like it there, but I was really too small to be able to do anything.  I was there for a while and I was sad, I didn’t like the other kids or the adults there.  But Unca Joey and Aunty came and took me away from there and they loved me and loved me, and I love them.  That was when I was small.  Oh, I’m still sorta small, well, especially compared to my big sister Tory, she’s really big… she’s a grown up.  But the neat thing is, she’s not like other grown ups, no really, she’s cool.  She plays Nintendo games with me and she lets me read her stories.  I like her, I want to be like her when I grow up.

I was talking about my mom and dad, well soon Unca Joey and Aunty Mica, her full name is Michelaina, came like I said.  Strange name huh? Well, she’s really nice… or was… you see, that’s why I’m telling you all this stuff Diary, because they’re dead now, and on TV they say that children have trouble with dealing with these problems and what happens is that then, when they’re big, they have problems with stuff, and I don’t want to have problems with stuff.  That’s what Opera and Sally Jessy say.  But I think that everything is okay, because Tory, she tried to protect me when the crazy people came, and I know that Unca Joey and Aunty Mica tried to come to because I heard them warning me.  They were very nice people, I miss them.  … I’m sorry Diary, I dropped some tears on you.  I’m sorry… We’re going for a walk Diary, come on.  We’re going to go play!

Okay, I’m better now. Did you like the swings?

We now live with this nice man, he’s name is Revek.  Neat name eh?  Hehehahhah.  Sorry, I laugh whenever I say his name… Reeeevek! Heh heh heh. It’s funny, but he sounds just like my invisible friend, and my invisible friend helped me when the crazy people came, he is the one who told me that Unca and Aunty were trying to come and help me, and that Tory was hurting people just so that she could save me.  Everybody loves me and I love them all.  This makes me sad though Diary, I’m sorry if I cry on you.  And then you know what he did?  He did something AMAZING! He let me hear what they were thinking… and that’s why I don’t think that I’m going to have problems when I’m big, because you know what they were thinking about?  About Me and Tory!  Even as the crazy people were doing nasty things to them, they thought of me and Tory.  For a little while, I felt bad, because I couldn’t do anything to save them, but Revek told me that there was nothing that I could do, because I was already trying.

I remember when they came into my room, and one of the crazy men stood in front of me and said that they couldn’t hurt a kid.  This guy who I don’t even know, a crazy man, and he wants to spare me.  I remember what he looks like.  Then Tory came!  And she hurt one of them but then they hit her and she fell against the wall, and she was bleeding.  I was screaming because I was scared, and that’s okay because Revek said it was.

Oh, and then the crazy people picked me up.  I was fighting, I was fighting and … and … and I was biting them but it didn’t seem to hurt them. I didn’t want to leave Tory there, and I could see fire, so I was just really freaking out.  They were strong too… this is strange, but they’re skin was cold too. Remember when they had me downstairs and outside that the big window upstairs, that had Tory in it and some of the crazy people in it exploded! I don’t remember what happened next, but I remember seeing Tory flying down to help me. Just like a super hero. She’s my super hero.

I woke up to Mr.Revek’s voice, and he told me calmly what happened.  I tried for a bit, but I was happy that he treated me like a grown up.  Also, he told me that Tory was okay! And I was happy! He told me that our house burned down.  Ya.  I miss all that, but I can’t think about it too much because it still makes me cry again.  I am glad that Mr.Revek got Matilda and Wally for me though.

Well, I have to strong and not cry, because I have to take care of Tory now.  Oh, it’s not because she’s hurt and everything, but it’s because… can you keep a secret? She’s a Vampiiire.. yup.  No, really.  Yup, uh huh.  You see, she was all hurt and Mister Revek came and he helped her.  He’s a vampire too.  He helped her get all better, but now she’s sleeping and I’m waiting for her to wake up.  Mister Revek is really nice and he tells me to just call him Revek, but I feel funny calling a grown up something without Mister or Misses in front of their names, it just feels funny.

Oh in case you were worried, Matilda and Wally are okay, they didn’t get burned in the fire.  Mister Revek saved them, oh I forget silly me.  I told you that already.  Wally’s left ear is a bit burnt, but that’s okay.  Mister Revek has been getting me neat books.  He has no television, so I can’t play Nintendo, but that’s okay.  I’m not bored.

Oh, I can’t go back to school yet, because Mister Revek says that they might try to take me away from Tory or…I’m saying this quietly because I don’t want anyone to hear me… they might think I’m dead.  Spooky, eh?  It makes me shake a bit.

Well, I’m going now.  Bye bye…


I wrote all this on November 5th, it’s a Friday, in case I forget.  Oh, and it’s 1987.

…. Mr.Revek, how do you turn this off?

The square button.

This ..?

The End

[ Adam’s notes: I’ve been asked a number of times, and thought I’d point this out. The girl in the story is actually talking into a voice recorder, and the square button is the stop button.]

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