Young Adult Horror with Jackson Dean Chase

When I think up and coming skin crawling young adult horror authors, I think of Jackson Dean Chase. We met on Twitter, and after a quick couple of exchanges, I knew this guy had some tales worth listening to. He recently posted Book 1 of Forever Dark to WattPad and if young adult horror is your thing, take a moment and check it out. By chapter 2 you’ll be too thrilled to stop!

Here’s a taste from Forever Dark: Book I of the Forever Dark Trilogy

I looked up and saw every inch of ceiling, and what lay beyond—a great blackness, a galaxy of death. A red star appeared. It grew brighter, more urgent. A hundred more joined it, beautiful like Christmas lights. Only they weren’t stars, they were eyes. They were alive, blazing from a shadowy body born of billowing fog. The horrible thing swam toward me, dozens of fanged mouths opening in the hissing Voice I knew so well.
“Welcome,” it said. “I am your wish.”

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Jackson Dean Chase is definitely someone to check out and see what he’s up to and where he’s going. He’s got a noteworthy blog as well as is quite active on Twitter.

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