Getting Along Came a Wolf to Print

Ever since we got offer the opportunity to have a table at Calgary Expo (a Comic-con) Jen and I have been working crazy hours to get the book done. The first thing that fell by the way side? The cover.

Karine Charlebois is not only one of my closest and dearest friends, she is an awesome artist. Some of you may know her for her Gargoyles drawings or from some of the web series or shows she’s worked on. If you don’t know her at all, you can check out her work.

I had asked Karine if she’d be able to draw the cover and some additional illustrations for Along Came a Wolf. She was going to do it right after Toronto Comic-Con. The plan was we’d have it all wrapped up by the end of March. Part way through Comic-con weekend, well, everything changed.

Realizing we only had a couple of days to get a cover done and the book in a set whereby we could get a proof (see our fan page for that milestone), Jen and I went at it. First, we started with the stock photo image we had, the original girl in the yellow hood.

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She’s too old, we didn’t like her pose, and she’s a better representative of Elly than Tee in the story. So we started making covers! We went through several versions of that book and tested it out with our friends.


On a Friday night, at about 11pm, Jen and I came to the conclusion that the red hood which our daughter had worn that was made yellow with PhotoShop-like Skills, wasn’t cutting it. Plus, the photo of our daughter had her looking too young and there were some shading issues. SO! What’s an author and publisher to do?

We realized that we were going to need to make a hood (Jen is amazing at anything she puts her mind to). Saturday morning we went to Fabric Land and got the material. While I ran interference with the kids, the wife and daughter team (that’s her in the photo) took the yellow material and turned it into a cloak.

Some more mad scrambling and the cover started to come together. It was starting to look like Along Came a Wolf was going to have a cover we could be proud of. Did I mention that when we’d started that Jen didn’t have any real experience with Illustrator? Did I mention how awesome she is?

Here was the nearly final cover (with the old back of the book blurb)


Things came together and then they were sent off for proofing! Now it was about rushing to the end game…

THEN with that in place she started what was supposed to be a quick review/extra edit but become more involved. Just like my editor, Chris who did an awesome job and came at it from a certain perspective, Jen’s complementary perspective helped tighten things up even further. Mad rush mad rush…

Today I shared the blurb that we’re putting on the back of the book blurb (available here) on our Facebook fan site

As I write this, Jen is doing a final, final pass of the book to see if any other edits are willing to be discovered before we sent the book to be printed.

Soon we’ll be announcing it’s off to be printed! And then, there will be 10,000 things left to do before CalgaryExpo and the official launch of Along Came a Wolf – The Yellow Hoods book 1!

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