An Exciting Start

It’s with tremendous excitement that I announce my upcoming series The Yellow Hoods. On January 4th, 2014 I put fingers to keyboard and started writing the story. It was intended only to bring a smile to my daughter and grew and become book one of this series.

For decades I’ve enjoyed writing stories and sharing them with friends. Only twice did I ever try to get a story published and both were rejected. I’ve spent the past couple of years writing a much bigger story, and learned a lot from that. My passion has always been in fiction, and it felt awesome freeing that part of me for the first time in years.

I realized as the story completed and I sat back, that I was ready. After more than forty years, it was time to do things differently. It was time to start putting my stories out there, and I’m the first author at ADZO Publishing getting out the door. In addition to my books, you’ll be seeing books by my fellow authors Driss Zouak (non-fiction) and other fiction stories from Zackary Owen.

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